How to make self-isolation work to your advantage

If you’re self-isolating, I can think of no better time to begin training in the Mysteries because you will have far fewer worldly distractions. In the days of yore, our ancestors would lock themselves away in monasteries and ashrams in order to receive this kind of enlightenment. Now you don’t have to. And you can turn a crisis into a great opportunity.

In this article, Mystery Teachings – First Steps for Beginners, I explain how you can get all the training you need from my books. They are gateway books for beginners … and by beginners, I mean most people.

I show how you can choose to take the fictional route and have the Otherworldly teachers visit you in your Dreamtime at night. Or if you prefer plain facts, you can select the books that give straightforward information in every-day language, with easy-to-understand diagrams, that you can parse through your upper brain.

And if deliveries start to be a problem, you can just get the Kindle versions of the books which are much cheaper anyway and delivered to you instantly and electronically without having to pass through anyone’s hands.

Right now, Amazon is using my best-selling The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar as a loss leader and is offering it as a FREE e-book. You can get it here.

Amazon also provides a free desktop app if you prefer to read your e-books on a much larger screen. You can download it here.

So why not turn what could be a difficult time to your advantage? You could come out of this Black Swan event completely transformed in your understanding about life, and armed with the tools to make it work much better for you.

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