Mind-body-spirit balance through spinal adjustment

pexels-photo-573294.jpegby Thomas Zudrell

The spinal column, as a mirror of our mind, shows imbalances in the form of misalignments directly related to our ‘inner’ imbalances.

Most people are familiar with the term ‘body-mind-spirit ’, but not many actually have a deeper knowledge about this relation and its consequences in daily life.

Well, let me give you a brief insight. We need to be in a balanced state on all levels in order to function properly and every step outside that balance regardless on what level – body (physical), mind (mental) or spiritual (soul) – will show consequences; often unwanted ones.

Because we live in this world using a physical body we must make sure that this body gets the attention it needs. That requires a balance of the right nutrition, water, rest and activity (exercise), correct movements (posture etc.), air, sun and hormonal activity beside others.

It’s not hard to find out which of these body requirements are out of balance but it is not so easy to regain that balance either, because we simply do not have the discipline or we lack self-responsibility or the circumstances of our life makes it difficult.

Humans are good at fixing problems fast (but mostly only temporarily), but we are very bad at maintenance and prevention. Did you know that it would ‘cost’ you only about 15 minutes every day to get into a better balance or to stay in a good balance? Of course there are many ways to achieve this, but if I can do this with little effort why should I spend more – right?

If our spine is out of balance then the attached muscular system is also not balanced as is the nervous system that controls, stirs and levels all body functions.

By re-aligning the spinal column, people very often show change towards healing not only on the physical level, but also in the other levels of mind and spirit, why? The answer may be that once one part gets into a better balance and therefore regains a ‘higher’ energy level, the other parts also want to follow. This is obviously a two-way road; it counts for the ‘lower’ energy level as well.

Our mind state manifests in our spinal column and connections between misalignments at the spine and ‘inner’ problems can be made and used to work on these issues as well.

These connections are in line with the teachings of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the theory of the ‘chakras’ (our energy centres) and ancient old folk wisdom that organ problems reflect non-physical problems.CHW

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© Article by Thomas Zudrell (www.dorn-method.com)

Written for Choice Health Mag

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