Is veganism a more spiritual option?

I had a discussion with a friend, the other day, who was insisting that being vegan was the more moral option and thus his veganism made him more spiritual and closer to God. But I think he was suffering from the confusion and cognitive dissonance that comes about when you conflate religion with spirituality.

For one thing, it seems bizarre to me that the Christian God would create a universe in which everything has to feed on everything else to survive, and in which nobody gets out alive, and yet to still insist that trying to preserve all life at all costs brings one closer to “Him”. That would make “Him” extremely perverse and cruel, in my view  – not to mention, if death is considered to be a ‘sin’, then “His” creation has a massive design fault.

Secondly, the very plants and vegetables that vegans rely on for their sustenance have grown from a soil enriched with dark rich humus that partly consists of the recycled, bio-degraded corpses of animals, birds and insects.  So vegetables and fruits themselves are not vegan. They are not even vegetarian.

But finally – and this to me is a major deciding factor – when vegans abjure eating meat or dairy from grass-fed animals, then they are missing a vital vitamin – vitamin K, without which calcium runs rogue around their bodies, silting and furring up their arteries and calcifying the pineal gland. As it is the pineal gland – also known as the third eye – which allows us to see into other spirit dimensions, then allowing it to become calcified would have the opposite effect to becoming more ‘spiritual’. We would become spiritually blind.

This is not some New Age hocus-pocus on my part; even Wikipedia acknowledges that the pineal gland becomes calcified with age.

“In some parts of the brain and in particular the pineal gland, there are calcium structures, the number of which increases with age, called corpora arenacea (or “acervuli,” or “brain sand”). Chemical analysis shows that they are composed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate, and ammonium phosphate.[15] In 2002, deposits of the calcite form of calcium carbonate were described.[16] Calcium and phosphorus[17] deposits in the pineal gland have been linked with aging.”

Wikipedia omits to mention that this aspect of aging is optional. If your diet is a natural, organic one, it will include vitamin K2 and then your calcium will know where to go and where not to go. Vitamin K2 is produced in the stomach of grass-fed animals by a process of fermentation. So ordinary supermarket meat and dairy products – which are largely from animals fed on GM-corn and other cereals – is not a good source of K2.

However, if you are determined on veganism, and then please do take a supplement like this one featured below.

vitamin K2

This Organic Essences K2 supplement is particularly good because it contains vitamin D3, which helps to transport calcium from the stomach into the bloodstream – and then vitamin K2 picks up the baton from there.

If you live in the UK and want to know your nearest grass-fed or organic meat and dairy supplier, get our free app Shop GMO-Free in the UK, and you’ll find them listed on there.

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