Five ways to survive viral epidemics and pandemics

Viruses are only a real problem for the weaker members of the community. Those with debilitated constitutions, who have low immunity or whose inner core has been made more fragile with age-related diseases and too much stress are more vulnerable to the ill-effects of biological pathogens. You could almost say that viruses are Nature’s way of culling the herd – except that some of the major epidemics that afflict us these days begin life in a laboratory.

We live in a world, unfortunately, where biological warfare is a “thing”. That said, it is still true that most viruses cannot penetrate the Patriot Missile Long-Range Defence system of a healthy and robust immune system. And even when it does get in, it is quickly ejected.

We can transform ourselves and our immune systems naturally, simply and cheaply by what we eat and drink. Our nutrition has an enormous influence on how well we feel. When we feel well, we usually are well. So here are some tips for strengthening the constitution.

Eat right for your ancestral body type

The Standard American Diet (SAD) does not suit most people of European descent, and is particularly weakening during the winter months, which is flu season. I’ve explained all about that in these two articles:

If you follow the broad guidelines I lay down in those two articles, it will hopefully help the constitution you’ve inherited from your ancestors to become more robust.

Drink slow-simmered bone broth

A quick fix, when you know there’s a new virus around, is a slow-simmered broth of beef bones that are thick with marrow. Yes, I do mean the same bone marrow that we feed our dogs to give them a bushy coat and shiny eyes, because it has the same almost-miraculous transformatory effect on us too.  

The nutritional benefits of bone marrow are now being rediscovered, and so if you find that people are describing it in magical or mystical terms, it’s only because science hasn’t yet managed to identify every single constituent and trace element of it that makes us look and feel well.

We just know that it works, and it’s cheap and easy to make. I’ve written an article here about how to make bone broth:

You can get bones from your butcher, but do make sure that they only come from animals fed on organic grass. If you don’t know where to get that kind of produce, then check out our free-to-download Shop GMO-Free in the UK app.

Boost your Triple Heater system

You can also give your body the oxygen it needs to fight off invaders with a glass of my Bright Star drink first thing in the morning. Lack of oxygen in the blood is the biggest cause of all diseases. From a Chinese medicine perspective, oxygen supplies the air to ignite and fan the inner fire of the Triple Heater system, which supports immunity in a whole host of ways but not least in helping us to manage stress. Again, Bright Star is cheap and easy to make and you can learn how here:

Heal your mind-body-spirit

We are multi-dimensional beings – not just physical bodies – and so our survival kit needs to address our mind, body and spirit. There’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ about it. How our emotions affect us physically has been well-studied and attested to in the scientific field of psychoneuroimmunology. So in this article, I discuss how to survive from that perspective during difficult times:

Finally, sound healing

There are lots of different sound healing videos on YouTube in which specific frequencies thought to aid immunity are used. This is a favourite one of mine:

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