Mary Poppins and the healing Mysteries of Time

I’ve been experiencing for a while that the key to spiritual evolution is found in the original Mary Poppins song “Step in Time”.

Mary Poppins is not just a children’s story; it was written by a student of Gurdjieff and of Yeats, and who spent years living with native American tribes in order to learn their folklore which was built on their star stories.

Pamela Travers was what we call a Grailkeeper. She was an adept of the Mysteries of Time and Space. She knew that this is the work of the human being on the pilgrimage of this lifetime. She expressed this knowledge in allegories and metaphors throughout her whole series of Mary Poppins books, in which children go into other worlds in order to solve the problems in this one.

She also fought with Disney to keep as much authenticity to the tales as possible, so that the lore would be retained, and she worked closely with his songwriters and scriptwriters.

So what is the allegorical understory to “Step in Time” ?

I’ve come to the conclusion, on my pilgrimage of life, that Time for us has been stolen in different ways, or bent to the purposes of those who know how to bend it, in our perceptions. But I have also come to understand, from the teachings of the Grailkeepers, that they cannot actually bend Time in reality – after all, who could stop the stars in their inexorable courses?

We just have to find our way through the morass of mind conditioning … back to the knowledge of our earlier ancestors who understood that we are made of star stuff, and therefore we move and change and evolve – physically, mentally and spiritually – according to the eternal dance of the stars.

This dance is also sonar; it has sound, music. Music is a language in itself which has the the magical power to create or to destroy. It can create healing energies or promote destructive energies.

Right now, I’m putting the lockdown to good use, and I’m studying music theory. Last night, I got to constructing harmonies. I learned that there are notes that you can put together to create a harmonic chord, and notes you definitely can’t – unless you want to create discord (dis-chord).

The rhythmn and the beat is just as important as the melody, and this is created with “intervals” or silences. That’s why they sometimes say that “silence is golden”.

I have a feeling all this knowledge will come in useful one day – and not just for composing a symphony! 🙂

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