Discover your true Sun sign

I am writing this at the end of May which means, according to Western astrology, that we’re in the Sun sign of Gemini, beginning on 21st May and ending on 21st June. But what if I were tell you that, astronomically, we are actually in Taurus? Here is an image of today’s skies.

You might be wondering why it even matters that the Sun is in Taurus when we think it’s in Gemini? It is because understanding the true positions of the stars and the planets could supply us with a vital missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the evolution of our destinies as individuals here on Earth.

I believe the story that is written in the stars at day and time of our births when foretells our destinies. It is like the Go square on a Monopoly board, with the £200 representing the talents and gifts, which include all the challenges, that we are born into in order to grow our souls. That is why the initiates into the Mysteries of long ago were referred to as those who had “knowledge of the stars.” We need this knowledge of the stars as they were mapped out at the day and time of our births to know ourselves and thus our place in the universe.

I learned all this from decoding the meaning of ancient stories that we call myths, left to us by early ancestors, and I have laid out how it all works in my book, Stories in the Stars.

So if I’m correct, then surely it follows that it would be a good idea to know what life story the stars were depicting at the times of our births?  Not least because if you have spent your life convinced that you were an outgoing, extrovert lion of Leo when in actuality, you are a more inward-looking, hermit crab of Cancer, you could be feeling quite uncomfortable in trying to fit into a tight suit that was never tailored for you.  

Or you may have chosen your partner with the help of Linda Goodman’s Love Signs, and are wondering now why it all ended so badly?

We cannot find the answers we need in traditional Western astrology although it is a credible science that works well and is fit for its purpose. But it is based on a system that effectively “froze the night skies into permanent winter” just over 2,000 years ago.

It was the Alexandrian philosopher ruler Claudius Ptolemy of the 3rd century BCE who established the Spring Equinox at 21st March in Aries, and there it has remained, on paper. But in reality out deep in Space, the Spring Equinox has been moving backwards ever since then and will soon be in the sign of Aquarius.

Engraving of Claudius Ptolemy on an ancient Greek coin, from the British Museum.

So although the stars are continually moving in their inexorable spiralling courses and our view of them changes over time because of the tilt of the Earth, for the purposes of divining our destiny, we are still frozen in the Ptolemy’s times.

A miss is as good as a mile

The importance of understanding the Mysteries of Time and Space was brought home to me last weekend with NASA’s launch of the Spacex rocket. We were told that there is only a one second window for a rocket to launch if its trajectory is to bring it to its correct destination, in this case the International Space Station.  At those kinds of distances, a miss is as good as a mile. Much more so then in the journey of life.

How can we reconcile the holographic interconnectness of the human being in Time and Space? How can we melt the ice so that we can flow like a river to reach the cosmic seas of our destinies?

Well, it is actually very quick and easy in these technologically-advanced days, to discover where the Sun was as the time of our birth. We can also find the position of the Moon as well as the all-important ascendant or rising sign. This is achieved by using an online app like Stellarium and I will be showing you how to do it shortly.

But first of all, here’s just one example of what can be gained by knowing exactly which the constellation the Sun was passing through at the time of your birth:

The Sun, according to our perception here on Earth, moves “widdershins” or backwards through the constellations. So as a rule of thumb, if you think you are a Leo, you may well be a Cancer, and if you think you are a Cancer, you may be well be a Gemini … and so on.

However, the constellations are of different sizes. This means they cannot be mapped on to a 360 degree circle of twelve equal-sized sections as they are in Western astrology.  The snapshot (below) of the night sky illustrates my point. You can see there are vast differences in the sizes of Libra, Virgo, Leo and Cancer.

And so, depending on the size of the constellation, the Sun may still be in the same sign that it was at the time of your birth, but in a different position and this is crucial because of something called decans and rulerships.

Decans and rulerships

If you were born when the Sun was just beginning to traverse, say, Virgo, your challenges will be very different to someone who was born when the Sun was reaching the end of Virgo. Here’s why.

Going back to at least as far as the Babylonians, the constellations were divided into three sections, which came to be known as decans. Each decan was ruled by its own planetary deity, as follows:

And so just to give one example: if you were born under a Sun that was just beginning to pass through Virgo, your ruler is Mercury. When the Sun reaches the middle, though, it’s Saturn and towards the end, Venus. These are three very different planetary rulers with very different qualities, as you can see from this chart derived from information found in Astrology Decoded by Sue Merlyn Farebrother.

It might sound complex but it is actually simple to understand and becomes much clearer when you use Stellarium to plot the stars.

It’s very easy.  Just click on this url: and you will come straight on to the app. It will ask for your location. Instead of giving it where you are now, you will need to give the place where you were born. Then follow the red-lined arrow to the bottom right-hand corner and adjust the date and time to the year, month, day and time (if you have it) of your birth.

That’s all there is to it. You should now be looking at a map of the constellations, stars and planets at the time and place you were born.

It will also show which constellation your Moon was in, and on top of that you will see your ascendant sign rising over the eastern horizon.

It couldn’t be simpler. So I hope this gives you some new and interesting information about the night skies at the time of your birth to play with, meditate on and enjoy!  

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